1. Why are all your answers innovative, and mines are about me thinking I know everything?

2. Why is it so easy to turn your back on our friendship, but you worship that dude that treats you like shit?

3. Now, there’s criticism and just down right being a bitch, so which one are Is you?

4. I’ve tried, and tried to turn the other cheek. But my ass is just too big. (Not a question, a statement)

5. When you really have no reason to hate on a person, why does it come down to their basic characteristic that becomes the problem for you?

6. I am who I am, and you are an asshole (Not a question, just an observation/statement)

7. Do people still say, back that thing up?

8. People are easily put on pedestals, to easily be knocked off. Why is that?

9. Should I continue this dance we dance, even though your dancing off beat?

10. How bad is Beyonce’s new album?