On this historical Sunday, gay and lesbian couples in New York headed to the altar. This is all after the state moved to recognize same-sex marriage, in New York State. Since all of this new found acceptance, new figures have been released by the centrist think tank “Third Way.” These figures show that Americans are becoming more accepting of gay and lesbian marriage.

In a recent report titled “Then and Now: How the State of Relationship Recognition has changed since DOMA (the federal Defense of Marriage Act)” shows that in the last 15 years, among other things:

Public support for same-sex marriage has doubled from 27% to 53%.
The number of Fortune 500 companies offering benefits to gay and lesbian employees and partners has increased from 19 to 291 companies.
58% believe homosexuality should be accepted by society, marking an increase of 14 percentage points over 1996.

We’ve over come by leaps and bounds, but there’s still mountains to climb. Bullying, stereotyping and discrimination to name a few.