1. Are you single?

You may assume that because he’s on a date with you, he’s single. That is the Wrong thing to assume. Accompanying a man, or anyone on a date doesn’t necessarily mean that there single. It simply means you are accompanying them on a date. Is it right? Of course not, that’s why it’s very important to ask very specific questions, before anything jumps off.

2. Are they employed?

While you don’t have to know his salary or his potential for promotion, but before the first date you should at least know where he’s employed. Or better yet, if he’s employed. If you can’t handle being with a man with no job or want to ensure that he isn’t ‘street employed, you should find out his occupation in the beginning.

3. Are there kids, or a crazy EX?

To avoid finding yourself in a Jerry Springer love triangle, you may want to ask this question. If having someone with kids is non-negotiable, this is something you should learn on the first date. If they’re kids involved, and you are okay with it, proceed to ask (not in too much detail…save that for later) if his situation with the kid’s other parent cooperative and drama free. Then you may want to revert back to question one, to ensure there indeed single.

4. Basic Biographical Information

You don’t have to find out childhood secrets or even there favorite teachers’ name, but by the end of the date, you should know basic background information about them. Where is there from originally? Where do they currently reside (maybe not the exact address)? The dating process is meant for two people to get to know each other. Somewhere in your conversation, basic details about each others life should be asked.

6. Educational Status

Sometimes this educational status can be inferred from his occupation, other times it can’t. While everyone’s personal preference differs regarding their date’s educational status, it’s still an initial question to ask depending on the extent of your feelings regarding an educated person. Of course people don’t have to have a college degree to be successful, but this may be something you want to know.

5. Interests and Hobbies

By the end of the date, you should have somewhat of an idea if the two of you have anything in common by finding out what each other likes to do in you’re spare time, or does either of you two have a lot of spare time. Does he enjoy watching sports center all day, or is he a cultural freak who likes to try new things, like yourself? These questions are all a part of the preliminary date.

Get to asking these important questions, it’ll save you a lot of time and heartache.