Ok, after you’ve had that fabulous “Pink Elephant” drink, you decide not to return to work. That ex-lover of you’re, that you decided to remain friends with calls you. They’re in the area, and wouldn’t mind hooking up for old times sake. Now there’s nothing wrong with hooking up, but when it’s with an ex the game is totally changed. However long you and this ex were together it didn’t work out, but you’ve decided to stay friends with them. You guys have hooked up in the past, without any issues. But from the outside looking in, this relationship you two now have sounds like a stupider version of the previous relationship. If you guys couldn’t make it as a couple, what makes you think that you can be friends and still have sex? Some people enjoy it, stating that it’s familiar, safe and comfortable. And then there’s others that feel that sex with an ex is pathetic masochist and just lazy.

This situation can be debated in so many different ways, so let me know what you think? Sex with an ex (YES) or (NO)