June 1992, (2) of the best R&B soundtracks came out, and blew us all away
with some magnificent music. I’m talking about the “Boomerang” soundtrack, and the
“Mo’ Money” soundtrack. Both movies were comedy gold (19) years ago.
(Boomerang) featured an all star cast: Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Halle Berry,
Chris Rock, Robin Givens, David Allen Grier, Grace Jones and Tisha Campbell.  (Mo’ Money) featured Damon Wayans, Stacey Dash,
Bernie Mac, and it introduced us to Marlon Wayans. “BLACK-HOLLYWOOD” was doing
big things back then, and making better comedy movies then what’s out now.
R&B music was at its best, as well. Both soundtrack albums treated us to the
writing and producing of Minneapolis sound makers Jimmy-jam & Terry Lewis,
on (Mo’ Money). And SOLAR’S (Sounds of Los Angeles Records) hit makers LA &
Babyface. These (4) men were the go to guys back in the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s.
Both soundtrack albums came out in June 1992, (7) days apart from each
other.  Mo’ Money (June 23) gave us the
high-paced collaboration between Luther Vandross, Janet Jackson, Bell, Biv
Devoe, and Ralph Tresvant.  (The Best
Things in Life Are Free) This song was a get in, get out vocal exchange of
R&B and Hip/Hop icons. We were also treated to a solo effort of Soul II
Soul’s front woman Caron Wheeler (I Adore You). The thumping bass-line, and
Sybil sample really made this song a must have gem to add to your collection.  Hip/Hop’s ruffneck, MC Lyte killed it with
(Ice Cream Dream), which was her ole to all the sexy-fine brothers out there.
This was another hot jam, and a gem to have added to the collection. Johnny
Gill laced us with (Lets Just Run Away), which was a dreamy love ballad. This
song made you want to just fall in love, and run away. Mint Condition also had
a tender ballad, as well (My Dear). Now this album was in heavy rotation at my
house. I simply couldn’t get enough, and then the Boomerang soundtrack hit! On
June 30th we we’re introduced to Miss Toni Braxton on two of her first
solo recordings. First, there was the duet with Babyface himself (Give you my
heart). This was a vocal tradeoff between the then (25) year old Braxton and
her mentor Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. Braxton, then followed that up with the
mid temple (Love should have brought you home), which was also featured on her
solo album. Johnny Gill, once again graced us with yet another dreamy ballad,
and he himself had the pleasure of working with all (4) men once again. The first
time was on his ground breaking self tiled album in 1990. Boys II Men
slaughtered the charts with (End of the road), which after everybody and their
mother sang and re-recorded. P. M.  Dawn
also gave us a dreamy ballad (I’d Die without you). Now this song was so left
field for them at the time that it was so right. The album also had future LAFACE
records alum like Shanice, TLC, Damian Dame, and The Highland place Mobsters.
You would’ve thought that TLC would’ve had a bigger place on the album, since
there were about to explode. These were two massive soundtracks that featured
some of the best R&B hit makers of our time, and (20) years later these
songs still holds up to top music standards today. I, myself listen to a song
from one, or both albums a week. This was a great time in my life, and I celebrated
it well with good movies and great music.