(28) years ago I was introduced to this woman’s music, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Her multiple style, hair-color and music change has made her the ICON she is.

I could only be talking about (1) person, and she is…..MADONNA LOUISE CICCONE. Whether it was club/pop/rock/R&B/electronica…..Madonna has done it, and it was done well. No, she wasn’t the first, and she won’t be the last. But without her style and confidence the Lady GAGA’s, Britney’s, Christina’s and countless others would be so obsolete.

She’s always been a risk-taker, and trendsetter. Never repeating herself, but topping herself and evolving. She’s turning (53), and still packing arenas with her old and new sound. (11) albums later from 1983-2008, and (8) concert tours, Madonna continues to reinvent herself. She’s actually in the process of releasing her 12th studio album, which I’m sure they’ll be a monster tour to follow. Whether it be music/film, or literature, Madonna’s voice will be heard. I will be listening, just like countless others for another (28) years. Happy Birthday Madonna, my fellow “LEO” and many many more to come.