The Hollywood Divorce/Break up:

(10) years together is a lifetime in the industry. The merge of two powerful celebrities is a tricky thing. After that blissful union is over, the gloves come out. I love you, is replaced with F**K you! Assets must now be divided into two. Million dollar lavish homes, expensive cars and collectables go up for grabs. And let’s not forget about the children. They’re the innocent victims here, being forced to watched their parents break-up in the public eye.

The woman in these public break-up’s, usually become the victims. Society see them as helpless woman, who have been betrayed by bad men. Some parlay these unfortunate situations into career opportunities. (Reality shows/Talk shows/Movie roles…..etc.)

Men, on the other hand get to move on with their lives, marry/date and watch their careers continue.

It’s an unfortunate situation, when any relationship is over. Infidelity, abuse, and just plain stupidity happens in all relationships. Having money and being in the public eye, just ups the problems. Counseling, and communicating with your significant other always help. Who really wants their private life spread all over the Internet? (15) minutes of fame, is just that.