(1) Sexual fulfillment:

Rushing into a sexual relationship before developing an emotional bond with someone, is obsessive behavior. Because of the physical intensity, people think there’s an emotional bond between them. Sex is sex, and I don’t have to be emotional connected to you to have sex. Never confuse sex with love, that’ll mess you up every time.

(2) A potential future:

The non-obsessed consider the possibility of a future, while the potential bunny-boiler has already made up their minds that THIS IS IT! ”The obsessive partner has already determined that this is his/her one and only love who will be his partner for life and beings to make plans for the future. There is no room for doubt,” says Dr. Belton.

(3) The snoop:

Obsessive people don’t respect privacy other people. They run through your phone contacts and will even call friends and relatives to gather information about you. ”This behavior can begin within days or weeks of the start of a relationship or may not show up until some event, such as becoming engaged or going away to school, triggers the obsessive feelings.”

(4) I need you, to fulfill my existence:

You aren’t able to function–get out of bed, go to work or hang out with friends–until you’ve had some kind of contact with your dude. You stay in bed and mope until he calls or comes to see you. Until he does, it’s drapes closed, pajamas, and Lifetime movies all day while you cry into your pillow. Sounds real mental, if you ask me.

(5) I don’t like your friends:

Outsiders are a threat to a girl or guy who is obsessed. If your boyfriend just wants to go play ball on Saturday morning instead of cuddling in bed with you, then his buddies become the enemy. ”Obsessive lovers often manipulate situations to keep their partner to themselves.” Making up stories about the friend, or feeling that the single friend will cause your partner to stray. Mental behavior, once again!

(6) There’s No Trust:

If you can’t get it out of your mind that your man is cheating on you (and he’s really not) and you keep accusing him of having phantom encounters with random chicks, you might need to have some serious introspection. This kind of jealously develops as time goes on. Or in some cases, it starts right off in the beginning. Some people think that it’s a sign, that the other person cares. It’s a problem! Don’t accuse me of anything that you don’t have proof of.

(7) Tell me, what I want to hear:

It’s been a few months and the more you get involved and “I love you’s” have been exchanged, you make him say it EVERY TIME you talk to him, especially if it’s a phone call. If he doesn’t say, “I love you too, Snookkums!” you immediately think he doesn’t love you anymore, or he’s with another woman. Never ever force anyone to say something they don’t feel. Your relationship will constantly suffer, and be build on nothing but lies.