(10) years ago, Aaliyah Dana Haughton and (8) others passed away in a plane crash in the Bahamas.
Aaliyah was (22) years old, and on top of the music charts. She’d just released her 3rd and final album a month prior, and she’d worked on several movie projects. She was at the prime of her life, and doing things that she loved.

She’s gone, but not forgotten. Her music, and films are what we have left of her legacy. Not a day or week goes by without me listening to a song, from (1996) “One in a million” or (2001) “Aaliyah” albums.

There’s no other “Female” artist out now, that has been able to replicate Aaliyah ‘s style and charisma. She was and is “One in a million.”

I had the privilege of meeting her in (96), right before the release of “One in a million.”
She was very humble, kind and graceful! She appreciated her fans, whether she was on stage performing, or placing them on the street.

She was a true “Class-Act”, something the R&B music scene has been missing…..