1. Etta James – Etta’s dementia may have caused her anger, but she sure was throwing “MAJOR SHADE” in Beyonce’s face for the way she sang “At Last” during the Inaugural dance. Etta even said she’d kick Beyonce’s ASS! WOW! So unbecoming of a lady.

2. The Original Destiny’s Child Members – Beyonce got all the blame when her daddy broke up Destiny’s Child (note: singular) to make a more truncated group. Soon, the old members not named Kelly were all throwing shade straight at poor Beyonce. GIRL PLEASE! You better sing those songs, and make that money. Who really cares whose singing lead? Where’s your career now bitch?

3. Keri Hilson – She has nerve! Out of the blue she started dissing Ciara and Beyonce in a not so subliminal manner. (Fuck Ciara!) Talk about her whack-ass all day. This trash talk didn’t garner any attention from the real deal. So what, you wrote some of her songs, and she may have taken credit. I’m sure you bit paid, if you didn’t Beyonce should be talking shit about you. By the way I’m sure the song you wrote was a hit. You should have kept the song for yourself. Maybe it could save your Luke-warm career. Good try though, Keri.

4. Lady Gaga – Rumors were spreading that Beyonce was calling Gaga tacky for the ridiculous outfits she was wearing at awards shows to take the attention away from herself! Gaga responded (allegedly) by calling Beyonce a simple “hater”. Cat fight! These two woman are in totally different leagues of their own. I feel it was a big rumors, but wants to sit next to GaGa in a meat outfit? Stank Bitch!

5. Lil Wayne – We all heard the diss. Weezy sent shots at Jay, then followed by saying he’d kidnap Beyonce and hold her for ransom. Everyone knows when you talk about dudes mothers and chicks in Hip/Hop, all bets are off. Someone needs to talk about Lil Wayne taking it up the ___and liking it. Hell, I should be a rapper!

Beyonce does what she does, and does it well. People are so motivated by hate and jealousy. Instead of giving her props for her accomplishments, they try to tear her down. A true “DIVA” never let’s them see her bothered. A true “DIVA” continues to reign!