There are some things that men love in relationships that make you irresistible to them. At the same time, certain things can have the opposite effect and can drive them away or make them grow distant. Whether you are just dating or are in a current relationship that is beginning to seem rocky you should try to keep these relationship turn-offs for men in mind so you can get and keep the man you want.

1. One of the biggest relationship turn-offs for men is when a woman doesn’t take care of herself both mentally and physically. When a woman is sloppy it shows that she doesn’t care much about herself. I know that comfort is important and sometimes it is just easier to throw on a pair of baggy sweats. However, you can still be comfortable and look tidy and pretty without a whole lot of effort and it will go a long ways toward keeping a man around and showing them that you value yourself as a person.

2. The next big turn-off for guys is when a woman is overly needy or high maintenance. Acting insecure or needy, calling all the time or getting upset when a man wants to spend time with his friends will make a man feel suffocated and drive him away. A woman who is confident, self assured and independent is much more attractive in a man’s eyes. If you are needy or insecure try taking up a hobby of your own that you are passionate about. It will give you something to focus on besides your relationship, will give your man a little bit of breathing room and will make you a more interesting person all around.

3. Another big turn-off for men is when a woman is a game player. Just like you wouldn’t want to date someone who played games and tried to keep you guessing as to their true feelings or intentions, men don’t want to either. Be open and honest and really express how you feel and what you are thinking. Men will appreciate your honesty and will like knowing where they stand.

One of the things men value most in a relationship is a sense of humor, so make an effort to lighten up and not take things so seriously.

4. Lastly, I know earlier I mentioned paying attention to your appearance, but don’t go to the other extreme and become overly involved with your appearance. Men generally don’t like women who wear too much makeup, take hours to get ready to go out, or obsess over what they are going to wear. Just tidy yourself up a bit, smile, be open and honest and allow a man some space when he needs it and your man will appreciate you for who you are.