20110911-083501.jpgStaying up to date and relevant in the social media industry is a top priority. As well as understanding that things don’t stay the same forever; rules change, ownership switches and things just get bought out, so a once reliable source of information may be yesterday’s news. The same is true of strictly social sites, whoever goes on Friendster anymore (besides people in Asia) and MySpace? Sure, they were big at one point in time, but popularity has declined making way for the new fad only to repeat the vicious, unforgiving cycle.

Nobody likes the aging hipster. Nor do they rely on him for useful information. Unless, of course, you’re also an aging hipster. Then, of course, your time interacting with one another is spent by hurling insults of being “too mainstream” and branding each other posers.

But, here are some easy ways to not be an aging hipster.

1) Get on Twitter
and follow people who know what their talking about. They’re called “experts”. Whatever it is you’re interested in, chances are that there will be someone on Twitter who knows more about it than you do and, unless they’re jerks, you would do well to listen to them.

2) Social media books
are just as useless and informative as aging hipsters. They’ll be out of date and obsolete by the time they hit the shelves and will most likely be stuffed full of amateur’s business cards advertising “promoting your website”. When you pick up a social media book, it’s a lose-lose situation.

3) Subscribe to RSS feeds
so, instead of having to search, it comes right to you. Get out there and subscribe to more than one RSS feed, and be open to what others have to say. Not everything is going to be on one site every time. While nothing is stopping you from subscribing to everything in sight, keep in mind (like the clever Tweeters) that not everything will always be useful.

4) Limited sources
should never be an excuse for ignorance. Look around, the Internet is a big place full of smart (and not so smart) people that just love when they’re listened to.

5) Make friends
with said “with it” people. Pay attention to what they do to be successful, and copy them, but not too much.