20110922-055753.jpgOk, since today is “THROW-BACK” Thursday, it’s only fitting that ABC premiers “CHARLES ANGELS: 2011.”

Hollywood is continuously beating this dead horse. Since the end of the originally series in (81), Hollywood has tried to resurrect this show on (3) separate occasions. They were able to make (2) successful movies in 2000, 2003. E.T. Babe, Drew Barrymore was at the helm of those movies being made, and she also starred as an Angel (Dylan Saunders). Miss Barrymore, and her crew are also spearheading this new television version.

Like the 70’s version, there’s (3) crime fighting chicks, but this time around there totally different. One’s a ex-cop, the other is a street racer and the last a thief. John Bosley is a hacker, and the show is set in Miami. It sounds interesting, but very familiar. They’ve also added a black girl in the mix, so this should be real interesting. The show is airing tonight on ABC, and I’m sure if you were a fan like me you’re anticipating to see what “NEW” tricks the ANGEL’S have.