On this last Sunday of September, an eclectic mix of celebrities celebrate the same birthdays.

20110925-120039.jpgWill Smith (43)- Big Willie turns (43) today. I’m sure he’s doing it big on his B-day, with wife and kids in tow. He’s just recently been putting the wraps on “M.I.B 3.” As if we needed a reminder that there were two other movies.

20110925-120109.jpgMichael Douglas (67)- Cancer survivor Douglas is out of recovery, and doing much better. He, and his father are legends in the film industry. We’re all happy to see that Mister “Streets of San Francisco” is doing much better.

20110925-120202.jpgHeather locklear (50)-Can you believe that Sammy Jo, Stacy Sheridan and Amanda Woodward turns (50) years old today? Heather has been turning heads for
Over (30) years, with her high profile marriages and over the top characters. Seeing Heather in her day shutting situations down was a real treat, when I was a kind. I’m sure she’s enjoying the finer things at this point of her life. Enjoy your day Heather.

20110925-120240.jpgCatherine Zeta Jones (42)-Catherine and husband Michael Douglas share the same B-day. Now how special is that? They can never say that they’ve forgot each others B-day. Catherine has also suffered some set backs, while standing by her husbands cancer treatments. In April 2011, Zeta-Jones sought treatment for bipolar II disorder, checking herself into Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut. Hopefully she’s getting the care she needs, and enjoying her day with her husband and f

20110925-120324.jpgT.I. (31)-Clifford Joseph Harris turns (31) today. The rapper/actor, and founder and co-chief executive officer (CEO) of Grand Hustle Records recently finished serving a jail sentence. He’s in a half-way house, where I’m sure his family and friends are rolling out the red carpet for him.

20110925-120415.jpgBarbara Walters (62)-The View host, and ABC news corresponded turns (62) today. She’s been a staple reporting groundbreaking segments for over (50) years. She’s honored and respected by all in the news field. I’m sure she’ll be celebrating with a host of celebes, and family on he day.