20110928-144759.jpgIt’s Wednesday, and that makes it “HUMP-DAY.” Here at “SITYSCAPE” we bring you our “HUMP-DAY-HONEY’S”. This weeks “HONEY” is movie and television star Eddie Cibrian. Mister C has been acting for (18) years, in several different venues.

20110928-144824.jpgHe was basicly under radar, until he fell in love with his co-star (LeAnn Rimes) and both he and Rimes were married. This scandal upped the Burbank, California hunk into “HUNK” status. Cibrian left his wife of (10) years, and took up with Rimes who left her husband of (8) years. That’s what we call intense “LOVE”.

20110928-144901.jpgOther than being a heartbreaker, Cibrian does have great acting abilities. He’s on NBC’s hit “The Playboy Club” playing the main character “Nick Dalton”. It’s a great show, and Cibrian looks great in a suit. Despite all the controversy, and ups and downs of his career. Cibrian is a good look, and we here at “SITYSCAPE” like looking at him. Hopefully you guys will feel the same, and the rest of your day “HUMPS” along..