20111002-043751.jpgLast night I dreamed, that a bunch of parasite insects attacked a helpless bug. It was pretty disturbing, and weird at the same time. This is the third dream that I’ve had about some wild kingdom shit! As always I consulted my dream interpreter, and these (3) things could be happening in my life.

1. Feelings of being sabotaged in some aspect of your life, either by other people or by yourself, or that you are being taken advantage of, or that someone or something in your life is sapping your energy.

2. Seeing a parasite in your dream, suggests loss of vitality and feeling physically drained. You are becoming too dependent on others. It is also an indication that you are taking without giving back.

3. To dream of a parasite represents thoughts and feelings that drain you of hope, happiness, confidence, and feelings of good luck. Problems, or responsibilities that make you feel like you can’t ever do anything you want.