20111008-132612.jpgAre you “PRETTY IN PINK?”

How many times have your “SIXTEEN CANDLES” been blown out?

When you turned (16), did you think you would automatically be transformed into an Adonis or goddess?
How ideal was “JAKE RYAN” in high school for you? Weren’t we all smitten with a high school senior at one time in our lives?

20111008-132631.jpgHaving your own unique style in today’s world, is a must have. But back in (86) standing out meant that you were weird! Molly Ringwalds character in “PRETTY IN PINK” not only stood out, she wrote her own rules. The character made her own clothes, drove a pink Volkswagen Karmann Ghia and she worked part-time at a record store. That was unheard back in those days. She was a trendsetter before it became the norm.

The movies back in those days were so real and honest, and everyone could really identify with the characters. Long gone are those blissful days and carefree movies, but there forever in our minds and on video.

You may never be “SWEET SIXTEEN” again, but you can always be ” PRETTY IN PINK.”