20111018-214940.jpgA member of America’s favorite first family of comedy is headed back to the small screen. Sixteen years after he starred in The Wayans Bros, Marlon Wayans is bringing his brother act back to television.

Wayans will write, executive produce and star in a new sitcom about odd couple brothers for ABC. The currently untitled show, still in development, will center around a sibling pair of buddy cops— one married and one single whose relationship grows complicated when the single one falls down on his luck, and is forced to move in with the married cop’s family. Wayans will play the married brother.

Do we really need another back comedy? Where are all the black dramas? Oh yea, those scripted reality shows (House wives of Atlanta/Basketball wives/Single ladies) those are considered dramas. Black people being materialistic and pretentious is considered drama, and we eat that shit up. It wouldn’t be so bad if the comedies weren’t all the same. Someone’s always doing great in life, and the others always trying to come up. Is that all we black people are about? Society continuously wants us to be shown one way, and that’s all we want to show.

Television in a whole is suffering, with the images that are shown on television. Hopefully someone will make smart programing showing positive people, and not the same old shit we continually receive.