20111019-151052.jpgSay what you want about Rihanna, but it is a sheer pleasure to see a “BLACK” girl gracing all the major magazine covers.

20111019-151229.jpgI can remember back in the day, when they only represented one complexion of “BLACK” on major magazines. Nowadays you see all of our beautiful African American queens everywhere.

20111019-151437.jpgOur lovely ladies are receiving make-up endorsements, and being coming major players while letting everyone know, that “BLACK” is beautiful.

20111019-151645.jpgWhere imagery seems to be changing in publication, it’s totally disappearing in music and film sadly.

20111019-151815.jpgI am seeing so much of myself represented in magazines lately, and I love it. I say keep up the good work RIHANNA, your opening up many doors, and knocking down barriers with your spunky style.