20111029-195156.jpgThe analogy of “GOOD DICK.”

When asked the question, who run the world? Girls stand in unison celebrating their ladyhood. But in some circles, when asked that question people will answer “DICK.” And it’s not just any “DICK” either. It has to be “GOOD DICK.”

There are some woman, and men that go to great extremes for some “GOOD DICK.” Some will buy a dude clothes, let him ride around in their fancy car. Give him watches, jewelry and cell phones, all for the taste of that magic stick.

The “DICK” is usually compared by length and width, and most definitely by the man’s stroke.

Notice, that I said all of this is for the “DICK” and not the man. “GOOD DICK” usually comes attached to two types of men.

1. A dude that has nothing, and wants it all. (He’s not a bad man, but he’s still finding himself in life. What he lacks in a career and confidence, he makes up with that sea lion in his pants.)

2. A dude that has it all, and wants for nothing. (now he’s blessed with the career, looks and intelligence. He’s a catch in everybody’s eyes, and he knows this. He gets more ass than a #2 train. But with all that’s given to him, he don’t appreciate it.)

Some woman, and men will totally ignore all the warning signs, that their dude is no good because they’re receiving “GOOD DICK”. These people base the entire relationship on the size of the “TOOL” , and allow the man to completely treat them like fools.

But, you must be careful! “GOOD DICK does have a shelf life. You may experience the joy of some “GOOD DICK”, but believe me this. That “GOOD DICK” isn’t meant to be tamed! For it to continue being good, it has to shared amongst other people. It’s really a mind thing. Once it’s gone, you miss it! And once it comes back, you wanna spoil it, and show it how much you missed it. Not all “GOOD DICK” is that way, just a percentage are. Every woman and man has come across this percentage in their lives.

So in close i say, continue getting your hair done, and wearing your sexy outfits. If “GOOD DICK” isn’t going to be faithful to you, why should you be there whenever he calls. For every (10) or more men out there, there’s bound to be (5) or more “GOOD DICKS” attached.