20111117-121818.jpgPeople magazine has bestowed the title of “Sexiest Man Alive” this year to the actor Bradley Cooper. And the Web response has been, well, less than turned on. Comments on blogs across the Web have been pouring in, many of them favoring a different man for the title.
The arguments for Cooper include the 36-year-old’s “tousled hair,” “blue eyes,” and fluent French. But those assets don’t do it for many a disappointed lady…and man. A very unscientific poll on Yahoo! asked: “Is Bradley Cooper the sexiest man alive?” It received an overwhelming “no” vote. (Add your say here.)
Here’s what the blog-o-sphere is saying: You could practically hear the great big sigh of sadness that Ryan didn’t make the cover. Not Ryan Reynolds, that ab-tastic star who was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2010. These disappointed fans wanted to see Ryan Gosling get the top honor. As one reader decried on Entertainment Weekly’s blog Popwatch, “Ryan was robbed!!!” Another added, “This year’s real SEXIEST MAN is RYAN GOSLING, hands down!!!!” A third chimed in, “I agree, Ryan should have gotten the cover.”
Over on People, maybe not surprisingly, the comments were more forgiving of the publication’s pick. The almost 500 responses included, “Brad is absolutely gorgeous. I love him even more when he speaks french…Ooh La La.” Another wrote, “I won’t deny he’s cute, but sexiest man alive? Seriously? No way!” Another graciously added, “Not my pick, but I love the fact that he adores his dogs.:)”