It’s a new year, yayyy. Hopefully we’ll be leaving the awful fashion trends that made up the previous year back in 2011.

1. Men wearing “SKINNY-JEANS”
It’s a sin, it’s a sin. Can your ass breathe? If we can see the outline of your dick, or calf muscles it’s time to retire those pants. Let your little sister rock that look dude.


20120101-221422.jpg2. The “MOHAWK”
This is definitely not for everyone. Kids and ladies with short styles, yes! Grown ass men trying to jump on the trend train, NO! Let that train leave the station. In fact, take the bus.


20120101-221521.jpg3. Face ” TATTOOS”
There should be no exceptions! I don’t care if your a rock-star, or rapper. It looks stupid, and very unsexy. Imagine what your skins gonna look like when you turn (50).



4. The “OVERSIZE” bag
Ladies, you better be pulling out groceries, a make up counter, and a new fall wardrobe to carry these bags. What needs to come out of your house, so bad that this bag is in order?
1. Play station
2. A Wii
3. iPad & Mac book
4. Portable cable receiver
None of the above. Leave that bag in that boutique.


20120101-221642.jpg5. The “MAN” bag
Ok, if we’re carrying bags it should be a nap-sack PERIOD!
Leave your girls bag on her side of the closet. In fact, come out of the closet and stop pretending to be straight.


20120101-221720.jpg6. Oversize “EARRINGS”
This seems to be the look on The Braxton’s Family Value & The Real Housewives of ATLANTA. It looks foolish! It looks like your wearing a chandelier from your lobes. Less is more, especially when you ain’t really got the money to rock the look.


20120101-222001.jpg7. “SAGGING” pants
Look, I said it once and I’ll say it again. No one wants to see the outline print of your ass. This look has truly gotten out if control. Parents, please buy your kids their right size, and don’t let them leave the house looking that way. Your not a thug, and it don’t look cool. It’s stupid and very offensive.


20120101-222057.jpg8. The “NICKI MINAJI” look
If you don’t work in Barnum & Bailey Circus, please leave the wigs & paint at home.



20120101-222153.jpg9. Bad “FRONT-LACE” wigs
Lord help me! Why, why, why would you attempt to rock this look? It’s like purchasing bad wigs is the look. Why get that good one, when I can rock the bad one and look like I’m wearing a helmet. Woman’s hairlines aren’t perfectly shaped. You look stupid, and it’s uncool! Rock your own hair, or go bald.