20120118-043125.jpgIt’s Wednesday, and you all know what that means. It’s “HUMP-DAY” and it’s time to salute a man, that has it going on. Last week we had some chocolate flavor, so this week we’re gonna add a bit of butter pecan to the mix. ANTHONY GALLO, is our “HUMP-DAY-HONEY.”

20120118-043155.jpgMister Gallo has done runway, and print ads for major brands and companies. Anthony can give you the boy next door, or the boy that’ll F*@K YOU next door.

20120118-043300.jpgDress him up or dress him down, Anthony can give you all of that and more. It’s cold and wet here in Atlanta Georgia, this Wednesday.

20120118-043337.jpgLooking at Anthony Gallo’s pictures just heated me up. Hopefully it’ll do the same for all my readers.