It’s Wednesday, and as usually an incentive is needed to get us through these next few days. Well then, what better incentive is a HUMP-DAY-HONEY.

20120125-044244.jpgThis week we have (3) for the price on (1)
All the vanilla and butter pecan that you can stand. It’s still considered winter in this region, but look at these brothers really heats things up.

20120125-044546.jpgThe boy next door/the pretty boi with the boy next door/the thug boy that knows all off the boys.

20120125-044621.jpgDing, ding, ding! I’ll have all (3), but at separate times. Make your choice wisely, but either way you go you can’t lose. Hump through your day with caution though. These dudes are pretty, but they all look like they can get real dirty.