Ok, (25) days into the new year we have celebrities splitting up. Celebrities hooking up, and some just going plan crazy. Going broke is the new chapter to be added to the list. Do we really feel bad for celebrities, whose made more money in our lifetime now crying broke? HELL NO!

20120125-054424.jpgWho cares that Terrell Owens has made bad business investments and has had shady people around him. The ninja has made $80 million dollars, and played for (5) NFL teams. He’s also had a reality show (snoozefest.com)
He’s drove some of the most expensive cars and has wore some pretty impressive bling. Now that he’s no longer a hot commodity and jobless, he’s crying broke. FUCK YOU! You need to cash in all that materialistic shit you’ve brought over the years. It’s time to reevaluate your life and put things into better prospective. Get you a need and a want list, and quit accusing other people of your down fall.


Next on the “I CAN’T MANAGE THE MILLIONS I’VE MADE” list. We have Mike “THE SITUATION” Sorentino. You’ve had endorsements, been on “Dancing with the Stars” (how the F@#K did that happen) I thought a least you had to be somebody to at least be considered? He’s also had a work out video, you know to get those abs he has. He’s also reportedly had a spin off from the show he was already been on. All of these things, and he’s been spending like a mad man. So what has he been spending on? Luxury cars, several Rolex watches and diamond chains, plus not one but TWO Bentleys! Even worse, The Situation, whose “big head and cruel lies have left him without a friend in the world” is now paying his brother Marc and several former friends to follow him around constantly acting like his entourage! Dude, you seriously have a “SITUATION”! You’ve blown through $10 million dollars, what a douche you are. With all of that crap you brought, you should have brought an accountant.

20120125-054555.jpgLast, but definitely not least. We have Whitney, no last name needed. Sure, she’s had problems in the past, future and present. The latest problems is that she’s “BROKE”. Of course Whitney’s camp denies the long-troubled diva is having serious financial problems, it appears the singer and actress does face a number of challenges in the money department. Whitney has kicked her substance abuse problem, and is starring in a up dated version of “SPARKLE”. Other than this movie, where is Whitney’s money coming from? Definitely not from broke-ass Bobby! Whitney is Being supported by her record label ARISTA. Shes living off of advance money, but theses no album to advance from. ” HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM” the last album wasn’t so great, and let’s be honest here. Who’s looking to hear anything new from her?Hopefully all the rumors about Whitney are untrue. At the end of the day, we all have to take responsibility for our own actions.