20120125-083827.jpgFor the past (2) years, we’ve been in a serious recession. It’s been hard for most to make ends meet. We have celebrities blowing millions of dollars on materialistic items. But where the parents are going broke, the children are living the FABULOUS life. Top designers like (Versache/Vera Wang/ Oscar De La Renta) are coming up with designer duds for children. These tiny glamorous fashions will range from, $312 dollar ballet flats to $1,570 trench coats. And you wonder why people are losing homes, and having cars repossessed. Not really, but you get the idea. Do children really need to be stylish, when in (6) months the clothes won’t fit anymore? This seems like a no brainer situation, but I’m sure they’ll be woman beating down these designer doors. Only for their child to be the “BADDEST” in pre-k.