20120201-074043.jpgIt’s the first “WEDNESDAY” of February, and you know how we do it on Wednesdays around here. It’s “HUMP-DAY”!!!!!

20120201-074125.jpgIt’s the day that we salute a ” BAD-ASS” dude, that’s killing it in the game.

20120201-074208.jpgWe’re gonna start the month off right, with “NEXT MODEL’S” Raymond Irving. He’s fresh!

20120201-074255.jpgHe’s hot!

And he’s young!

20120201-074341.jpgHe’s from London England, and he’s tearing up the magazines and runways. He’s versatile with his looks, and very humble and down to earth.

20120201-074422.jpgRaymond is just the type, that you’d want for a valentine. We have (13) more days for that, so helping our Wednesday move along will do just fine. Enjoy your day, because looking at Raymond has definitely made mines.