20120301-153350.jpg(25) SUNNY DAY/PARTY IPOD MIXX

1. Can’t take it- Jesse Powell

2. Enjoy yourself- Allure

3. After party- Koffee Brown

4. Too close- NEXT

5. Whatever- Ideal

6. Wifey- NEXT

7. Come touch me- Bobby Valentino

8. Give me a chance- Bobby Valentino

9. Caught up- 112

10. Take care of me- Chante Moore

11. Thong song- Sisqo

12. When the lights go out- Foxy Brown

13. Don’t Cha- The pussycat dolls

14. Bottle pop- The pussycat dolls

15. Buttons- The pussycat dolls

16. Not your friend- Case

17. Heartbreak- Jagged Edge

18. Did she say- Jagged Edge

19. He can’t love you- Jagged Edge

20. Healing- Jagged Edge

21. Hate sleeping alone- Drake

22. Crew love- Drake

23. I can transform you- Chris Brown

24. Drop it low-Ester Dean

25. You the boss- Rick Ross