20120301-160209.jpgOk, LIL Kim was suppose to be coming back ” HARD” in 2012. It’s now MARCH, and all that she’s given us is that “WHACK-ASS” single (If you love me) . Not to mention a bunch of appearances, wearing some crazy shit!

20120301-160408.jpgWhich brings us to BET Honors!
Who is this bitch channeling? Victoria Gotti,

20120301-160527.jpgor Latoya Jackson? Either way she needs to change the channel, or get a new flat screen.

20120301-160624.jpgWe all so miss the 90’s LIL Kim, but it’s apparent that she don’t live here anymore……sigh!

20120301-160724.jpgThese rap chicks need to be ashamed of themselves.

20120301-160956.jpgMale rapper’s are allowed to put out garbage after garbage, and no one never cares what they look like. Female rappers have to “ONLY” sale “SEX”, and only that. Female rappers, rap skills are never an issue, unless they’re battling another female rapper. In this day an age, female rappers have it hard in the industry. The rap game is still controlled by man, and woman are just decoration on their sleeves. It’s so amazing that we haven’t lost a female rapper to death yet…..smh.