Twitter Super (14)

1. @ JayManATL: A jealous girlfriend is a faithful girlfriend.If she doesnt get jealous when someone has your attention, it’s because someone else has hers

2. @Jus_Yung :Simple ppl do simple things simple bitches say simple things, but the worse is a basic bitch who does and says simple shit!!!

3. @ CaptainTakeYoHo :Nobody deserves to get cheated on, the least you can do is break up with em before you scar them for life..

4. @The_SWAGMiNATi :Haters will broadcast your failure, but whisper your success.

5. @Jus_Yung :Love is not to be found its a gift fate gives you a rare occurrence you can’t force it or ignore it but you will know it!

6. @ Diggy_YMCMB :Believe actions, not words. Spread love, not hate. Open books, not your mouth.

7. @MrEdukation : I don’t understand why cute people think that because their “Cute” they can have the attitudes they have. You may be “Cute”, but that attitude makes u look “UGLY”

8. @ Official_Yung :A boy knows how to get what he wants. A man knows how to keep what he gets.

9. @Jus_Yung: I wish that you’re weave was in gods hand, maybe then it would be perfect.

10. @ iRealSexTalk :Real freaks don’t have a freaky side…Because they freaky all the time

11. @iRealSexTalk: You don’t suck dick…but you want a loyal man?

12. @iRealSexTalk :You’re not planning to eat my pussy but you want me to suck your dick? Nigga it’s 2012…..

13. @iambitious: ignorance & arrogance go hand in hand. It’s confidence that reigns supreme.

14. @iambitious: If one’s presence can’t add value to one’s life, then one’s absence will make no difference.”