20120315-160326.jpg“Young Money’s” DRAKE lands Aprils cover of GQ. Drake talks about life love and pain, and of course there’s talks about sex with “WOMAN”. Drake suits up and shows us what’s next to come in “MEN’S” fashion. Drake comments on the state of Rap music.

“Rap now is just being young and fly and having your shit together,” he says, while trying to explain the new generation of rappers he believes himself to a part of, “The mood of rap has changed.” Drake believes this new generation of rappers is no longer defined by street credibility like they once were.

20120315-160433.jpgWhich I will agree, that it’s a better change on that note. But what happened to the lyrical content? Rappers nowadays aren’t talking about anything relevant. I feel like the “RAP” game is all a gimmick! It’s a vehicle to brand yourself talking about bullshit! Rappers spit (16) bars, get a collaboration with a “POP” artist. They’re beloved by millions, and receive major endorsements. The hard age lifestyle is gone, and is replaced with a haute couture image.

20120315-160538.jpgI like DRAKE and his music. He’s the only rapper out right now besides Jay-Z, that I’ll buy their CD. I just hope the success of “FAME” don’t tarnish the image he’s so long fought for to obtain.