20120323-043844.jpgThe lovely Stacey Dash has been “DASHED” away from another film set. Her disrespectful attitude has caused her to be “TERMINATED” from an up coming film, starring Danny Glover. Producers of the film “SUPREMACY” allegedly grew tired of the 46-year-old actress’ bad attitude and decided to fire her from her role after she “disrespected” cast and crew members.

20120323-044245.jpgLast year “DASH” was let go from the VH1 reality drama “SINGLE LADIES”. Supposedly there were tension with Dash and co-star LisaRaye. Not sure if Stacy can bounce back from all this negativity. Granted, “HOLLYWOOD” is throwing out roles to just about everybody. But they’re not dealing with (46) year old actress, with bad attitudes.