The ladies of R&B are ready to unleash a frenzy of “Radio-Friendly” tracks, this summer. Not only has their music evolved, but so has their looks. So have joined forces to resurrect their careers, while others just keep making a name for themselves. These ladies have “SUMMER”hits headed our way, but are we still interested?
20120403-162908.jpgFormer “UPN” actress/songstress, “BRANDY” makes her return to music. After “2008” lukewarm “HUMAN” cd, Ms. Norwood teamed up with fellow teen songstress “MONICA” on a lukewarm single. What’s keeping her relevant is her current “LOOK”! Brandy seems to have finally ditched the long hair, and opted for a “CLASSIER” grown woman hair-do.


“MONICA” Arnold/Brown blew onto the scene at the tender age of (14). Her first album “Miss Thang” had everything a woman her age would’ve wanted. Too bad once she became that woman, her music didn’t reflect that. “MISS THANG” has up her classic short-do with brandy’s left over locks. She’s always looked and sound good. Long hair has given her a grown woman age. And she’s married to “FINE-ASS” Shannon Brown. Enough said!


20120403-163446.jpgOne of my “FAVORITES”, Rihanna has truly transformed in front of all of our eyes. She ditched the crayola colored red hair into blonde. Now she’s darkened it, and has given us a 80’s cut. Rihanna has been able to keep the hit’s going and has stayed on the cutting edge of fashion, since 2007.


Now which one of these ladies new looks are doing it for you?