20120412-060405.jpgRemember back in “1994”, when a braided hair girl sang “I wanna be down?” That song was the hottest and original songs to play that year. BRANDY followed that up with “Baby, Best friend, and Brokenhearted.” The album was a proper intro, for a (16) year old girl. BRANDY, was everywhere! She had a hit television show, make-up endorsements and a legion of fans.

20120412-060929.jpg“1998” brought us “NEVER SAY NEVER”. It was a more mature BRANDY, but not sexual just confident. There was the “GIRL-FIGHT” anthem “The boy is mine” a duet with MONICA. “Sitting on top of the world”, with Ma$e. “Have you ever?” a beautiful ballad, and several other hits. BRANDY worked with some of the hottest producers, Diane Warren, David Foster, BABYFACE and Rodney Jerkins who made a name for himself producer her.

20120412-061603.jpg“2002” showed us a more “SASSY” Brandy, not to mention a pregnant one. The album “FULL-MOON” saw BRANDY talk about it all. The title song had us all on he dance floor, followed by the break-up anthem “What about us?” This album was on heavy rotation for me, and she couldn’t do any wrong in my eyes.

20120412-062020.jpgBy “2002”, I felt that BRANDY lost focused. I wasn’t a fan of “Afrodisiac” at first. I felt that her work with Timberland was forced, and that the songs were written for someone else. (Aaliyah) I had to really get into the lyrics and really hear what she was saying. “Afrodisiac” is definitely BRANDY getting her “GROWN-WOMAN” on. My favorite tracks are “Who she 2 U”, “I tried”, “Say you will”, “How I feel”, “Should I go.” As usual, the worst songs were picked as singles, but the album is still “BAD-ASS”. Hopefully with her sixth studio release in June, Ms. Norwood will give us some of that awesome flavor we know she has. Monica has once again let us down, hopefully BRANDY can revive the dying R&B.