20120412-053609.jpgWith the battle of the R&B “DIVAS” under way. MONICA is the first out of the gate, with her 7th studio album. “NEW LIFE” is the title and is giving graveyard references to her “NEW LIFE” She’s a married woman, with two handsome little boys. Not to mention her “FINE-ASS” husband, Shannon Brown of the Phoenix Sun.

20120412-054203.jpgThat’s the most interesting thing about this woman’s life. She’s given us, yet again a mediocre album full with horrid mid-tempos. I understand that she’s happy, but her happiness makes me ill. I don’t find anything romantic or note worthy from any of her songs. She seriously needs to take it back to “MISS THING” and “THE BOY IS MINE”. She can sprinkle a little “AFTER THE STORM” on it, but it’s not needed. MONICA has been in the business too long to be remaking the same album over and over. Her voice is powerful and at its peak, but as usual the material is weak and boring. Hopefully album #8 will satisfy our pallets. This album “NEW LIFE” seems old and relived before.