It’s another Saturday night. The clubs have closed and so have the bars. You’re dressed in you’re best outfit, and you have money in your pocket. Your a little buzzed, but still able to function your bedroom duties. The only problem is, you didn’t meet anyone while you were club hoping. Maybe cruising through the streets will do the trick.

20120422-025555.jpgBe careful what you wish for, you just might get it. There’s no need for the who, what, where and when. Either it’s going to happen, or you find somebody else. Once it’s all said and done, was it really worth all the hassle?

20120422-025910.jpgWaking up with a stranger in your bed is not cute! Now comes the task of putting their ass out. It’s a ritual that some people enjoy! The following Saturday, their at it again. No strings attached sex never really fulfills.