Ok, if you didn’t know it by now, I am a diehard FIVE STAR fan! I listen to their music daily, weekly, yearly. I dance to their music creating dance moves, secretly wishing to be the 6th member. I have tattoos dedicated to them and I’ve written story’s about their individual songs. Five star’s music inspires me (28) years, after being introduced to them. Here’s a quick Tuesday playlist that I just made up.

20120508-190729.jpg1. Save a place (In your heart for me)

2. Come to me (For love)

3. Some kind of magic

20120508-191032.jpg5. Find the time

6. If I say yes (Extended version)

20120508-191104.jpg7. Love take over (Paul Hardcastle extended mix)

8. Hide & Seek

9. R.S.V.P

20120508-191212.jpg10. Can’t wait another minute

11. Whenever you’re ready

12. I give, you give (Remix)

13. You should have waited


14. Someone’s in love

15. Let me be the one (Philadelphia

16. Going with the moment

20120508-191649.jpg17. Lost in you

18. Treat me like lady

19. Hot love

20120508-191751.jpg20. Are you man enough?