20120517-201231.jpg70’s “DISCO-QUEEN” , Donna Summer passes away from lung cancer today. We all know DONNA from her (43) years of music and breath taken visuals.

20120517-201313.jpgIn her career, DONNA has had (17) albums of brand new material. I was first introduced to her music at the tender age of (4). It was the 1975 album “Love to love you baby”, with a song by the same name. Donna’s overtly sexual disco track, ran for (16) minutes and (50) seconds. The album went to number (11) on the U.S. charts, while the song reached number (2). Pretty good, being the only single released from that album.

20120517-201344.jpgDonna’s next release, “A Trilogy of Love” earned Donna the title “The first lady of love.” Donna gave us the (17) minute “Try me, I know we can make it.” There was also the Barry Manilow cover “Could it be Magic”. Both songs were disco standards.

20120517-201415.jpg(7) months later, Donna released another album. This was by far my favorite. 1976 “Four Seasons of Love.” The album told the story of a love affair by relating it to the four seasons. The lead song, “Spring Affair” was and is still my “FAVORITE” song by Donna. It’s sexy, it’s disco-lounge and all DONNA. This album and song gets plenty of spins on my iPod.

20120517-201456.jpg1977, “I Remember Yesterday” took Donna to newer heights. Her song “I Feel love” dabbed into electronica/disco. This made Donna the first female of disco.

20120517-201601.jpg(5) months later, Donna returned with “Once upon a Time.” This album was another favorite of mines. This was her first double album, which was broken up in (4) different acts. Donna killed it on the single “I Love You.” Donna sings her face off, on this album.

20120517-201640.jpgIn 78, Donna released the album “Live and More.” This was her second double album, which was half recorded live of previous hits. She did give us the mega “Last Dance”. The song became a personal favorite of Summer’s, it was one of the first disco songs to feature a slow ballad-tempo both at the beginning and in the middle of the song. There was also, “Heaven Knows”. This song featured vocals by Joe Esposito of the Brooklyn Dreams musical group. That group included the musician Bruce Sudano, whom Summer would later marry.

20120517-201715.jpgIn 79, Donna released the album “Bad Girls”. Donna was now being labeled as pop/disco/soul and rock. This double album covered all those genres. This album was nominated for “Album of the Year”. It spawned the hits “Hot Stuff/Bad Girls/Dim all the lights and Sunset People. It was the late 70’s, and Donna had racked up (7) studio albums, with numerous hits.

20120517-201746.jpgBy the 80’s, lady Donna switched from labels. She went from Casablanca records to Geffen records. In 1983, Donna released her number one single “She works hard for the Money.” There was also “Unconditional Love”, which was a duet with Musical Youth.

20120517-201914.jpgDuring Donna’s lustrous career, she’s had a duet with “DIVA” Barbara Streisand.

20120517-202022.jpgDonna Summer’s career, has definately been a rainbow. Everyone knows a Donna Summer song and has many memories to share. These are my memories of an extraordinary lady and her music. May Donna rest in peace, she leaves behind a catalog of music riches.