20120627-055452.jpgOk, initially I wasn’t feeling anything from Mr. Raymond’s newest album. “Looking for myself” This past week I’ve been hearing nothing but him and a few others on the radio. I’m still not a ” Climax” fan, but I can tolerate “Lemme See”. It’s classic Usher getting his freak on, dashed with Rick Ross rapping about what he raps about. Cars, Money, Chicks…..blah blah blah. Nothing else has grabbed me from the album, but I’m a least willing to give it a chance. I am a Usher fan, and I’m waiting on him to reclaim his throne. These other characters aren’t representing it right.

20120627-060137.jpgOnce again, we have Usher and Rick Ross teaming up. This time on Mr. Maybach’s song “Touch’ N You”. Lyrically, Rick Ross talks about nothing, but he does know how to make a good hip-hop/R&B/Rap song. He does a good job adding the right vocalist and getting the best melodies together. Nowadays since R&B and Hip-Hop are the perfect couple. Rick Ross had learned to marry the both. If anything I’m a fan of that and not his choice of topics. This could easily be on Usher’s album, replacing that “Climax” nonsense.