20120705-050146.jpgThree days ago, broadcast journalist
Anderson Cooper officially came out as a proud gay man. Over the years many have speculated about Coopers sexuality, but it wasn’t officially confirmed until three days ago. Cooper gave writer and blogger, Andrew Sullivan permission to publish an email he wrote.

“’I’ve begun to consider whether the unintended outcomes of maintaining my privacy outweigh personal and professional principle. It’s become clear to me that by remaining silent on certain aspects of my personal life for so long, I have given some the mistaken impression that I am trying to hide something – something that makes me uncomfortable, ashamed or even afraid. This is distressing because it is simply not true. … The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.”

This was breaking news, but hardly a shock! There have even several caucasian actors, journalist and singers to come out of the closet and have a thriving career. I myself often wonder what would happen if an African American actor, singer would come out.

20120705-050255.jpg “Odd-Future” member, Frank Ocean has answered that question for me. Though Ocean is a relative new comer, he’s joined forces with rappers heavy hitters. Ocean has been feature on Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborative album, “Watch the Throne.” Since the beginning of rap, anti-gay sentiments have been the norm for rappers to pick fun at. Yesterday Ocean posted on his tumblr page.

“4 summers ago, I met somebody. I was 19. He was too. We spent that summer, and the summer after, together. Everyday almost. And on the days we were together, time would glide. I don’t have any secrets I need to keep anymore. … I feel like a free man. If I listen closely. I can hear the sky falling too.’’

Now this is a breath of fresh air. There seems to be diversity in every aspect of the arts, but when it comes to Hip-Hop everything is just girls and money. I’m sure that there’s a lot of men in the Hip-Hop community, that have had similar situation like this happen to them. The only problem is, that there probably hiding behind some strippers G-string. I’m also glad to see that it’s not the stereotypical gay guy, that we constantly see on the television and movie screen.

Equality has finally been given to gays, and their families. President Obama supports gay marriage. Anderson Cooper reveals it all, and now Hip-Hop crooner Frank Ocean. Things seem to be looking up in the world.