In the wake of singer, FRANK OCEAN coming out yesterday, people have surely been expressing themselves. Mr. OCEAN has been receiving congratulating tweets, and hate tweets. Why the “HATE” tweets people? It’s FUCKING 2012 y’all. Everyone has a gay brother, cousin, uncle and friend. People really need to get over their hateted over homosexuality. Imagine all of those rappers and singers out there who are on the down-low, But you want to crucify FRANK OCEAN for having the courage to speak the truth and to keep it “REAL.” I’ll never understand this “CRAZY” world we live in. I thank GOD everyday that I don’t have any children growing up in this hostile environment.

Here are some of those “HATEFUL” words from those cowards, hiding behind their computer screens.

1 Homo ass nigga, fuck your asshole and fuck yo music

2. Your music is definitely gets deleted from my media player

3. Fuckinggggg fagg

4. They will always find a reason to look at you differently. It’s cause your fucking gay

5. Take a shot of ammonia to the head

6. We all try, you need to try harder to stop being a fag

7. That’s why y’all have AIDS

8. Your music sucks dick and apparently you do as well

9. It’s a wrap for your awful career

10. You need to drown in an ocean of all your sins