Three days into the New Year and a Louisville, Kentucky is already up to some fuckery. Tracy Browning attempted to buy a Apple iPad from her local Walmart, using her EBT card. You heard it right! Instead of buying groceries, baby products etc. Ms. Browning needed the latest and best tablet out on the market. Maybe she thought that her EBT card was her Master Card? Either way, the transaction didn’t go through. Mrs. browning allegedly assaulted the stores employess and jetted out of the store with her iPad.

20130103-100003.jpgMrs. Browning was apprehended a few hours later, trying to pull the same stunt at another Walmart. Mrs. Browning was banned from all Walmart locations for other incidents. Mrs. Browning is a (38) year old woman who should know better. Fucking with Apple products illegally will get your ass locked up! It’s people like Mrs. Browning that make it bad for people who really need public assistance. This woman has it and is using it to solely benefit her greed and need for expensive toys