1. @AyeImBlasian: Bitches always say “OMG, you gay? aw, I’ve always wanted a gay bestfriend”

2. @AyeImBlasian: … moving on with my life.

3. @IAmAndreLondon: #WhyIHateInstagram

I Have 12,000 Followers,
But Only Have 600 Likes On A Picture.
Ghost Followers Are The Worst!

4. @iGetTheMemo: #WhyIHateInstagram
People use so many hash tags
*I just ate this pizza* 🍕
#Pizza #PizzaHut #Cheesy #Eating #Dinner #Triangle #Yolo #Twerk

5. @ItsManiPosts: #WhyIHateInstagram
1. Shout Outs! 2. Irrelevant Food 3. Paragraph Hashtag’s 4. the duck face 5. the bathroom sink 6. FAKE MODELS!

6. @BooBysWorld1: stay loyal to the ones that deserve your loyalty..

7. @SkinnyBoysClub: I don’t trust this nigga

8. @_Americawildboy: I hate being broke

9. @_DopeDistrict: HIV and AIDS is real. yall betta wake up.

10. @_DopeDistrict: Same script, different cast.