20130414-195710.jpgSo, early this morning in L.A., Kevin Hart was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

He failed a sobriety test and they’re still calling it suspicion…..smh

Kevin was driving erratically in his black Mercedes. The Mercedes collided with a truck on the Los Angeles freeway going over 90 mph. A female passenger was in the Mercedes as well. Hmmm…..we can only guess what was going on. She was sent home via taxi, while he was held on a $5,000 bond.

20130414-195807.jpgThis is just some more drama added to Hart. Robin Thicke, one of the cast members of Harts reality show (The Real Husbands of Hollywood) Just called it quits!

I’m sure this incident will find its way on Kevin’s show and it will make us laugh. Kevin Hart is good at making us laugh at his pain.

One question though. Why didn’t he let the female passenger drive, if he was too intoxicated?