GQ magazine names “Hot” boy Kendrick Lamar rapper of the year, but also throws jabs at the Compton rapper. GQ writer, Steve Marsh is surprised to learn that Mr. Lamar is not out wasting his money on woman and liquor and gang banging.

This past Tuesday was GQ’s annual men of the year party. Kendrick gave the magazine and the party the middle finger. Kendrick felt that the magazine  depicted him falsely through their pages. Instead of the writer focusing on Kendrick’s successes. Mr. Marsh glamorized the negative aspects of raps lifestyle.

Mr. Marsh was even surprised at Kendrick’s discipline to abstain from raps trappings. Kendrick and the CEO of his label (Top Dawg Entertainment) found the entire interview disrespectful.

My hats off to Kendrick Lamar and his label for not allowing a young rap artist, like himself to be exploited. Kendrick does deserve the honor givin to him, but also deserves to respected as a individual. Pay attention people! Not all rap artist rap about strippers/cheating/drinking and how much money they make. There are a few out there who possess a wider vocabulary to give you a real rap verse.