Guess whose teaming up to make fashion history? Lady GaGa and Donatella Versace, that’s who.

GaGa is the new face for Versaces up and coming Spring/Summer line.

GaGa is definitely a fan of  Avant-garde fashion and what better way to express herself by being the new Versace face. GaGa took to Twitter and expressed how she felt about the new deal.
“I’m so happy to be working with Versace and the new campaign! What do you want to wear this spring? #Donatella #Famiglia”

Lady GaGa is such a avid  Versace fan, that she named a song “Donatella” on her latest  “ARTPOP” album.

“She’s so rich and so blonde…she’s so fab, it’s beyond” exclaims GaGa on the track.

Congrats to Lady GaGa and her fashion accomplishment  From the looks of picture above, spring/summer is going to be hot with Versace fashion.