20140222-120025.jpgAfter striking gold with Robin ‘s “Blurred lines”, Daft Punks “Get Lucky” featuring Nile Rogers on guitar and Despicable me 2 song, “Happy”. Pharrell Williams returns!!!!!
But then he was never really gone.

On March 3rd, Pharrell will be releasing his highly anticipated 2nd solo album. Most people are probably like, his second album? Yes! His second album. “In My Mind” was his first album, which was released eight years ago. But your probably wondering to yourself, Pharrrell has had other songs. And the answer is yes, but as the front man for The Neptune’s/N.E.R.D projects.

Pharrell’s newest solo album is tilted, “G I R L”.
Which is deliberately capitalized and doubled spaced in style.
This album will honor the female figures that have been part of his life and probably be laced with funk/pop/R&B/ and hip/hop flavor. This is usually the norm for a Pharrell project.

Pharrell’s collaborations on this album include, Alicia Keys/Miley Cyrus/Daft Punk/JoJo and Justin Timberlake.
I’m pretty sure there’s more surprises up Pharrell’s sleeve. This man never seems to disappoint us in the music or fashion department.

So when I read that he’s making a comeback, I say “where the fuck has he been?”
For the past eight years he’s worked with Madonna (one of my favorites)
Justin Timberlake/Beyonce/JLO/Britney Spears/Maroon 5/the Game/Frank Ocean, just to name a few.
Pharrell has made and revived a lot of artist careers over the year and made a acclaimed artist of himself.

With the motivated optimistic “Happy” leading the album “G I R L”, I’m sure it’ll be a #1 seller from one of our favorite platinum artist and producers.