20111018-131037.jpgWAS IT WORTH IT?

Do you ever ask yourself that question, once you realize who you wake up with?
Was all the the things, you and that man/woman went through worth it? That man had a crazy ex, who happens to be the mother of his children, and she tries to make your life a living hell. Wild late night phone calls, and scratches and dents on your car. All because that fool you with, wouldn’t hold up his part in their relationship. Now your blessed with his good for nothing ass. And do you really believe that he’ll treat you any better, than he treated her? And please don’t have any children with his triflin-ass! He’s not even taking care of the ones that he has already.

The warning signs are always there, but we still choose to ride down his street without any headlights on.


Men, we fall victim as well. Do you really believe that things are strictly platonic, between her and her “friend.” A friend, who always meet her downstairs, and never has time to come up and meet you. He has gifts for the kids, and throws her a little cash every now and then. When will you realize, that there’s more to that friendship then what she’s saying? Being played for a fool, never feels good but at least you know it, and can choose whether to play or be played. How about the woman who is more concerned about how many times you two go out to eat, then mixing it up in the kitchen? Chances are she’s not wifey material for you. Most men love to spoil woman in the beginning, buying lavish gifts and things thinking that this is what she wants. It’s really not! Don’t get me wrong, a night out on the town is a must, but not every time we hook up. If this is something that she’ll always expect, I think dealing with her is something you need to second guess. There’s nothing wrong with chilling at home, and having a movie night. If that woman really wants to be with you, she won’t expect the world from you. I’m mean really, your just a man.

20111018-131213.jpgBefore it gets too serious, and you’ve had to defend your personal space. Always ask yourself this question, is it really worth it to go through all of this nonsense?