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IPOD MIXX: 06/29/2012


1. OMG- Usher

2. Euphoria-Usher

3. Where have you been-Rihanna

4. Beautiful People (Felix Cartal Club Mix) Chris Brown

5. Can’t stop won’t stop-Usher

6. Til I Die-Chris Brown

7. Drank in my cup-Kirko Bangz

8. Motivation-Kelly Rowland

9. HYER (Hell Ya Fucking Right)-Drake

10. Take it to the head-DJ Khaled featuring Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil’ Wayne

11. Lemme see-Usher

12. Ecstasy-DANITY KANE

13. Smfu (Save Me From U) Dawn Richard

14. All of the night-Kelly Rowland

15. You the boss-Rick Ross

16. Sex ain’t better than love-Trey Songz

17. Trading places-Usher

18. Lotus flower-Wale

19. Lessons for the lover-Usher

20. Sex therapy-Robin Thicke

21. Fortunate-Maxwell




It’s been (14) years, and the impression “DESTINY’S CHILD” has left on the music business can still be felt. No, not “BEYONCE” going super nova, and leaving the other (5) members in the dust. There hasn’t been any other female group out there like them. Just like their predecessors (EnVogue, SWV, TLC, and The Surpremes…….they’ll never be a group like them, AGAIN. In there (9) year professional career, the ladies have racked up hits and controversy. The abrupt member changes, and Beyonce’s “DIVA” like treatment only intensified the groups appeal. But these ladies had talent, so what was speculated was always quickly laid to rest. But what of these ladies appeal, now that the groups no longer existing?

20111117-142539.jpgSince 2002, KELLY ROWLAND has released (3) solo albums, and done (4) major solo tours. She’s the member that everyone likes, but the member that can’t strike a significant “HIT” on her own. She’s become the face for several “URBAN” products (relaxer boxes/Wig related items). But she hasn’t achieved the success that she’s in titled to.

20111117-131307.jpgSome say that it’s “SUPER-NOVA” BEYONCE, that has stomped her in the dust. Everything “MISS THING” breathes on turns into a “HIT”. Whether it’s her acting, her hyper dance moves, or her major endorsement deals. Beyonce is the R&B/POP chick to be. And don’t forget, that she’s married to a legendary rapper mogul (JAY-Z). The two are expecting their first child, and the news has had the Internet/world buzzing!!!!!

20111117-131828.jpgSo what does one do, while there former band-mates achieve success and recognition? In 2006 LETOYA LUCKETT releases a solo album, which to everyone’s surprise is very good. (better than Kelly’s (3) attempts) LUCKETT released her second album in 2009 (Still, a better album than Kelly’s). She’s known as that “H-Town Chick” and represents it well. LUCKETT, has also endorsed hair care products, namely Luster’s Hair Care and thus replacing Keyshia Cole. She appears on the product line’s boxes, billboards and commercials. See also owns a boutique in Houston, called Lady L. boutique. LUCKETT has been participating in various events like the “Women in Entertainment Empowerment Summit”. She also visits schools to motivate and encourage kids to study, pass classes and to further their education after graduation. She also speaks on the subject of violence and domestic abuse.

20111117-133614.jpgLATAVIA ROBERSON, on the other hand Since has ventured into the realm of acting in plays. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. In July 2007 it was confirmed by LaTavia herself said that she has been secretly recording her debut album on and off since March. So far she has collaborated with producers such as Scott Storch and hopes to work with Houston rappers Mike Jones and Slim Thug in the future, but was quick to point out this is in no way an attempt to recreate the success of former bandmate LeToya Luckett.

In 2009, she was rumored to be working on a album titled “Black Summer’s Night”, with help from Swizz Beatz, Polow da Don and Andre 3000 of OutKast.

In August 2009, she revealed in a video on Ustream, with fellow former Destiny’s Child member LeToya, that she will not be releasing an album. On December 3, Via Twitter, La Tavia stated that “it was good to be in the Studio recording, and said 2011 it’s all going to happen”, which meant she should be creating a song and should come out in the year, 2011. It’s now NOVEMBER, and there’s been no “NEW” music from Miss ROBERSON.

20111117-134450.jpgMICHELLE WILLIAMS, on the other hand has scored big on Broadway in AIDA and CHICAGO. She was LUCKETTS replacement, and has released (3) albums of her own. Two contemporary Gospel albums, and the other a euro-dance album. Williams has stated on her Twitter account multiple times that she will release a new album in 2011.

In 2010, she started work on her fourth studio album. Michelle stated on Twitter that her new album will have a similar sound to Unexpected and might contain a dance track she has recorded Ultra Naté titled “I’m Waiting on You”. The upcoming album has been stated to feature production from Timbaland.

In December 2010, Williams released a song titled “Stay For A Minute” for free digital download via Twitter to celebrate gaining over 100,000 followers. “Stay For A Minute”, written by Keli Nicole and produced by Jazz Nixon in 2006, was due for inclusion on the original version of Williams’ Unexpected, which she described as a “solid R&B album”, however when “the sound changed”, the song was shelved and left unreleased. Furthermore, a track produced by Stargate titled “If You Wanna Go”, leaked to the internet, believed to be an outtake from the Unexpected sessions as Williams dismissed the song as “old” during a Twitter post.

In August 2011, during an interview for The BoomBox she discussed collaborating with hip-hop artist Talib Kweli on a song produced by Hi-Tek on which she sings a verse and the hook. Furthermore, she revealed the sound of her upcoming album would include more “live instrumentation”, inspired by the gospel music she “grew up” on. In August, Electronic Giant Beatz released a press release, cover art and a music video teaser for a song featuring Williams titled “On the Run” which states that the song is due for release in the UK and Ireland on November 27, 2011

20111117-135631.jpgNow FARRAH was hired to be an extra in the music video for Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills”. It was there that she became acquainted with group members Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé Knowles. At the time she was in a fledgling singing group called Jane Doe, which was in the process of disbanding. In December, Matthew Knowles invited Franklin and Michelle Williams to join Destiny’s Child—replacing previous group members LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett without notice. The two were introduced in February 2000, via the music video for “Say My Name”. Franklin toured and performed with the group, and also appeared in the music video for “Jumpin’ Jumpin'”. Franklin contributed backing vocals to the remixes of “Jumpin’ Jumpin’,” “Independent Women Part I” (which were claimed to be removed before the album release), “Dot”, and “Dance with Me”. Farrah recorded some songs with Destiny’s Child on the re-issue of their second album The Writing’s on the Wall, while touring with Christina Aguilera.

In July, after a five month stint with Destiny’s Child, Franklin was dismissed from the group, learning of her firing from an MTV News report. Shortly thereafter, group member Beyoncé Knowles stated in an interview that Farrah had missed three major dates and expressed a disinterest in continuing with the group, leaving them with no other choice but to remove her.

Farrah is now focusing on her acting and musical careers, shooting a movie which is still untitled. She said in an interview she finished 13 songs and is still choosing a single. She owns a company called “One Love Company.” Franklin is hoping to release her debut album sometime in 2011. (Which will probably, never see the light of day)

With all (6) of these woman came total “GREATNESS”, and even “OUTSTANDING” solo work for some. But back in 97-00 these ladies made us “Say their names” and we all were “Jumpin, Jumpin.” Buying all their records helped them pay those bills. But through it all, these woman have survived, and made the star’s their DESTINY……



1. Etta James – Etta’s dementia may have caused her anger, but she sure was throwing “MAJOR SHADE” in Beyonce’s face for the way she sang “At Last” during the Inaugural dance. Etta even said she’d kick Beyonce’s ASS! WOW! So unbecoming of a lady.

2. The Original Destiny’s Child Members – Beyonce got all the blame when her daddy broke up Destiny’s Child (note: singular) to make a more truncated group. Soon, the old members not named Kelly were all throwing shade straight at poor Beyonce. GIRL PLEASE! You better sing those songs, and make that money. Who really cares whose singing lead? Where’s your career now bitch?

3. Keri Hilson – She has nerve! Out of the blue she started dissing Ciara and Beyonce in a not so subliminal manner. (Fuck Ciara!) Talk about her whack-ass all day. This trash talk didn’t garner any attention from the real deal. So what, you wrote some of her songs, and she may have taken credit. I’m sure you bit paid, if you didn’t Beyonce should be talking shit about you. By the way I’m sure the song you wrote was a hit. You should have kept the song for yourself. Maybe it could save your Luke-warm career. Good try though, Keri.

4. Lady Gaga – Rumors were spreading that Beyonce was calling Gaga tacky for the ridiculous outfits she was wearing at awards shows to take the attention away from herself! Gaga responded (allegedly) by calling Beyonce a simple “hater”. Cat fight! These two woman are in totally different leagues of their own. I feel it was a big rumors, but wants to sit next to GaGa in a meat outfit? Stank Bitch!

5. Lil Wayne – We all heard the diss. Weezy sent shots at Jay, then followed by saying he’d kidnap Beyonce and hold her for ransom. Everyone knows when you talk about dudes mothers and chicks in Hip/Hop, all bets are off. Someone needs to talk about Lil Wayne taking it up the ___and liking it. Hell, I should be a rapper!

Beyonce does what she does, and does it well. People are so motivated by hate and jealousy. Instead of giving her props for her accomplishments, they try to tear her down. A true “DIVA” never let’s them see her bothered. A true “DIVA” continues to reign!



Ok, after her very well put together performance on the B.E.T awards. Everyone is highly anticipating Kelly Rowland’s third album “Here I Am.” The album is schedule to drop on the 26th of July, and is her first on universal since leaving Columbia and manager Matthew Knowles. The album was scheduled to surface (10) months ago. She’s already released (5) singles, all with Lukewarm receptions except the latest “Motivation.” It’s been (9) years since Rowland’s been a solo star, and she’s yet to find her niche. I thought that her album “Ms. Kelly” would propel her to where she needed to be. But we were let down with poor single releases. With (5) singles deep already into her latest album, and only one (1) of the (5) getting radio play. One only wonders what “Here I Am” has in store for us.