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20111231-192259.jpg2012-New Year Mixx

1. It’s Ecstasy, When You Lay Down Next To Me-Barry White

2. You Bring Me Joy-Mary J. Blige

3. Satin Soul-Barry White

4. Playing Your Game, Baby-Barry White

5. Take A Toke [Robi-Rob’s JEEP Mix!]-C+C Music Factory

6. Scent Of Attraction-Patra

7. Sexual Feeling-Patra

8. Rude Boy-Rihanna

9. Talk That Talk-Rihanna

10. Umbrella-Rihanna

11. Stay Down-Mary J. Blige

12. Hurt Again-Mary J. Blige

13. I Love U (Yes I Du)-Mary J. Blige

14. I Love You-Faith Evans

15. You Da One-Rihanna

16. Can’t Get Enough-J. Cole

17. All I Want Is You-Miguel

18. Someone To Love Me (Naked)-Mary J. Blige

19. Ass On The Floor-Dirty Money

20. I Hate That You Love Me-Dirty Money

21. Run The World (Girls)-Beyonce

22. Party-Beyonce

23. Lift Off-KANYE WEST & JAY Z

24. Fancy-Drake


26. The Real Her-Drake

27. Crew Love-Drake

28. I Can Transform Ya-Chris Brown

29. Drop It Low-Ester Dean

30. Turnin Me On-Keri Hilson

31. Everything, Everyday, Everywhere-Fabolous

32. Me & U-Cassie

33. Ooh Ahh-Danity Kane

34. Where Have You Been-Rihanna

35. Take Care-Drake

36. Doing It Wrong-Drake

37. Birthday Cake-Rihanna

38. Watch n’ Learn-Rihanna

39. Romantic Call-Patra

40. No Letting Go (Remix)-Wayne Wonder

41. Doin’ It-LL Cool J



20111015-133020.jpgMary J. Blige is featured in Elle magazine’s latest issue. Like the true diva that she is, the Queen rocks the season’s most regal furs, from fox to goat. She talks about her on-stage persona and playing Nina Simone on screen.

Mary On performing on stage:
Honey, there are no distractions when you’re onstage, because you are where you live. When I’m on that stage, I’m not worried about my heels, I’m not worried about my hair. My pony tail could fly off and it wouldn’t even matter to me. Because once you make that connection with those people, nothing else matters.

20111015-133106.jpgMary On playing Nina Simone:
I learned that she was a woman on the search for love, as well. You know, looking for love, standing up for her rights, and not being understood. No one could ever belittle her in a conversation. She was not a mess. Spirituality? My God, this woman makes the hair stand up on my legs just talking about her.

Mary On the difference between her iconic 1994 “My Life” album & its upcoming sequel “My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act 1)”
[My Life was recorded at a time] when we didn’t know if we were going to live or die. It spoke from such a place of ‘I need help, we all need help.’ Now we can say we’re beautiful, we’re strong, we’re confident. [But] to sit back and lie and say everything is wonderful in anybody’s life? [laughs] My fans would be like, ‘Come on, man.’

Mary’s much anticipated tenth studio album is scheduled to drop November 21st.




In this day and age, the words “I DO” seem to just be that, WORDS!

Feelings come and go, and what people feel today they don’t necessarily feel tomorrow. Celebrity relationships/marriages, are under high scrutiny! Merging the two brands together can either make, or break a career. But let’s face it, with everyone trying to hold on to their (15) minutes of fame, we have people marrying for business purposes and not love.

However, it is great to see two celebrities beat the odds, and keep their personal life PERSONAL.
Here are a few celebrity relationships that we admire here at SITYSCAPE, that keep it PERSONAL and sustain a high-profile career.

Mary J. Blige’s relationship have been the blueprint of good and bad. She’s lived it, and sang about her entire career. During the early 1990s, Blige was in a tumultuous relationship with K-Ci from Jodeci. The affair ended in 1997. Blige also briefly dated R&B singer Case. In 2000, Blige met record industry executive Martin Kendu Isaacs (known as “Kendu”) who became her manager. The two were married on December 7, 2003, in a small private ceremony at Blige’s home attended by 50 guests. (8) years later it’s still going strong, and Mary’s career is thriving.


Taking a page from Mary’s relationship book, Keyshia Cole has also been on the tumultuous relationship rollercoaters. She’s dated a few rappers, most noted In 2006 Young Jeezy, but the relationship ended after she declined a marriage proposal from him.
In March 2009, Cole began dating Daniel Gibson of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. and became engaged to him on January 1, 2010. On March 2, 2010, Cole gave birth to her first child, a boy, named Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. On May 21, 2011, Cole and Gibson went to Cleveland for a private wedding ceremony. Cole stated on her Twitter that she is having an official wedding ceremony when she is done with her touring. Cole currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio and Johns Creek, Georgia.


Another R&B songstress has had her share of heartache as well. Monica’s career saw troubles in 1999, during which time she dealt with more personal tribulations including an up-and-down relationship with former fiancé Corey “C-Murder” Miller and the suicide of her boyfriend Jarvis “Knot” Weems, a local drug dealer and her childhood friend. On July 18, 2000, the couple were together at the graveside of Weems’s brother, who had died in an automobile accident at age 25 in 1998, when Weems, without warning, put a gun to his head and shot himself to death. Devastated, Monica spent the first few months after his death in denial and depression, later lessened by spiritual guidance from her parents. “Afterward, I felt, ‘What else could I have done?’ You replay that situation over and over and you switch it around: Maybe if I had said this, or if I would have done that,'” she said in an interview with the Enquirer the following year. “It’s just something that it’s never possible for me to go back and change.”

Arnold met rapper Rodney “Rocko” Hill, a former SWA officer and real estate manager, shortly after Knot’s suicide in 2000, a time which the singer described as her “weakest.” While the couple soon got engaged in fall of the same year, they ended their relationship in 2004 and Monica subsequently started dating G-Unit rapper Young Buck following his guest stint in her music video for “U Should’ve Known Better.” A few months later, Arnold and Hill revived their relationship and the singer became pregnant with their first child. On May 21, 2005, the pair welcomed their first son, Rodney Ramone Hill III, into the world. They became engaged once again on Christmas Eve 2007, just a few days prior to the birth of their second child on January 8, 2008. The son was named Romelo Montez Hill, named after Monica’s younger brother. In March 2010, it was announced that Arnold and Hill had split in October 2009, surrounding rumors that he cheated.

Since 2010, Arnold has been in a relationship with NBA player Shannon Brown. The pair met in June 2010 when Brown was consulted to star as her love interest in the music video for the single “Love All Over Me.” In October 2010, Arnold confirmed her engagement to Brown via Twitter, posting a photo of her massive, rose-cut diamond ring. On November 22, 2010, Arnold and Brown were married in a secret ceremony at their Los Angeles home. The marriage did however not become a matter of public record until January 21, 2011, when Brown told the Hip-Hop Non-Stop TV-Show. On July 9, 2011 the couple then held a second wedding in front of close family.


Now Kimora Lee Simmons relationships, haven’t been so tragic. It’s been FABULOUS for her. On December 20, 1998, Kimora married mogul Russell Simmons. They have two daughters; Ming Lee Simmons (born January 21st 2000) and Aoki Lee Simmons (born August 16th 2002). Kimora and Russell officially separated in March 2006. Although the couple had split some time before, they continued to live together up to this point.

By March 2007, Kimora was dating actor and model Djimon Hounsou, and in March 2008, she filed for divorce from Russell. The divorce was finalized in January 2009.
In the summer of 2008, Kimora and Hounsou participated in a traditional Benin wedding ceremony, and in May 2009, their son, whom they named Kenzo Lee Hounsou was born. She established the Kimora Lee Simmons Scholarship Fund at her high school alma mater in St. Louis to provide college tuition support for academically successful girls with financial needs and is an active member of youth advocacy organizations including Amfar, The G&P Foundation, Keep a Child Alive, Hetrick-Martin Institute and Rush Philanthropic where she is on the Board of Directors. The mayor of St. Louis presented Simmons the key to the city and named March 18, 2008 “Kimora Day” in St. Louis. Now that’s what I mean by living FABULOUS!


Now, Rapper Jay-Z and DIVA’s Beyonce’s relationship is definitely one for the books.
In 2002, Jay-Z and Knowles collaborated for the song “’03 Bonnie & Clyde”. Jay-Z also appeared on Knowles’ hit single “Crazy In Love” and as well as “That’s How You Like It” from her debut Dangerously in Love.

On her second album, B’Day, he made appearances on the 2006 hits, “Déjà Vu” and “Upgrade U”. In the video for the latter song, she comically imitates his appearance. The couple generally avoid discussing their relationship. Knowles has stated that she believes that not publicly discussing their relationship has helped them. Jay-Z said in a People article, “We don’t play with our relationship.” They keep a low public profile despite being photographed at New Jersey Nets home and while on vacation in Cannes in 2007.

On April 4, 2008, it was reported by People that Knowles and Jay-Z had been married at a private ceremony in New York City. It became a matter of public record on April 22, 2008, but Knowles did not publicly debut her $5 million Lorraine Schwartz-designed wedding ring until the Fashion Rocks concert on September 5, 2008 in New York City. Knowles and Jay-Z were listed as the most powerful couple for TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2006. In January 2009, Forbes ranked them as Hollywood’s top-earning couple, with a combined total of $162 million. They also made it to the top of the list the following year, with a combined total of $122 million between June 2008 and June 2009. At the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, Beyoncé revealed that she is pregnant with her and Jay-Z’s first child. Her representative confirmed the news that night.


Now that’s what we call being “crazy in love” and getting a “upgrade.”
Everyone keep hope alive!
There’s love out there for us all, we just have to go through the run of the mill before we find our special someone.


20110902-095017.jpgR&B is on a respirator. Once a celebrated genre that has given the music industry some of its most praised acts (see: Luther, Whitney, Aretha, Marvin), the musical styling has unquestionably lost its identity to Hip-Hop and now Electro-Pop.

The question at hand: is R&B (as a commercially viable force) on its last breath or is revival in its future? In a three part series, That Grape Juice will analyze three sectors of the fallen genre: ladies (songstresses), males (crooners), and groups (both male and female) to determine if resurrection is in its future or if it will find permanent rest in the history books.

As always, ladies first…

Turning the dial (or Youtube search engine) back 20 years to see the plethora of female R&B acts dominating the radios and Pop charts is a stinging reminder of a time when the industry thrived on variety. From crossover acts such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Janet Jackson, to up-and-comers Mary J. Blige and Toni Braxton (just to name a few), there was no shortage of R&B estrogen on the airwaves or charts. Not to mention such classic, yet then-active artists like Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, and Gladys Knight.

However, as Hip-Hop/R&B fusions became more of a constant (which some attribute to artists like Carey and Mary J. Blige), the junior generation of R&B diva emerged in the form of the Aaliyah’s, Brandy’s, Monica’s, and eventually Ashanti’s. Then, of course, you had that brand of 90s R&B diva (Faith Evans, Tamia, Deborah Cox and Kelly Price) who lacked crossover appeal, yet were still relevant – even if just appealing to a small niche.

But, as the 2000s rolled on and Hip-Hop was becoming the driving force of the music industry, ballads and slow jams were losing steam on the charts, and Hip-Hop was surely killing the R&B star. And while many of the time period marked Alicia Keys as a ’savior of R&B’, she was one of very few pure R&B females who was granted relevancy in an increasingly convoluted music world. Interestingly, though Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey (who by 2005 were considered veterans) were seeing some of the best numbers of their careers, the genre’s overall shortcomings were inescapable.

Then, as the Beyonce’s and the Rihanna’s of the music world began to dominate charts by willingly trading in their R&B humbling’s for Pop’ier hits, the 90s divas of yester-year who refused to succumb to the change found themselves succumbing to irrelevancy. Even those who once showed promise in the early 2000s (Amerie, Tweet, and co) were finding themselves lost in the fray. Suffice it to say, the industry at large began to suffer (see: illegal downloading, cd leaks), yet R&B’s former leading ladies seemed to fall victim most (Brandy, Monica, Mya, and eventually Ashanti).

Fast forward to 2011. Where is R&B female? Even with hints of recent reigniting of public interest (i.e. Fantasia’s ‘Back To Me’, Monica’s ‘Still Standing’), they alone are not enough to indicate a resurgence. And, even with notable record sales (given the current musical climate), those sales are marginal at best comparatively.

Record sales aside, the presence of R&B females on the Hot 100 chart recently is rarely without rapper accompaniment. There is a new class of R&B divas, however. While not reporting record-breaking numbers, the Keri Hilson’s, Kelly Rowland’s, Jennifer Hudson’s, and co. are definitely making noise. But, it’s not enough to resurrect the fallen genre. Or will R&B eventually rest in peace?



20110902-090215.jpgWith her 10th studio album of original material being released in October, Mary J. Blige is on “FIRE”. She recently turned out the B.E.T awards, with her rendition of Anita Bakers “Caught up in the Rapture”, and was actually joined on stage by Anita. She’s doing movies as well, most recently “Rock of Ages” with Tom Cruise. This fall she’ll also be portraying singer, song writer and activist Nina Simone. Ms. Blige has perfumes and charities supporting Aids/HIV and FFAWN helping women go to college. This morning she’s on Good Morning America’s summer series, rocking New York’s Central Park. This weekend Ms. Blige will be in Atlanta Georgia’s Piedmont Parks “Park Tavern.” She’ll be joining in this years “Black Gay Pride” festivities. The (40) year old “DIVA” is definitely hotter today, than she’s ever been. Mary’s music is timeless and emotional, and it’s a testament that where you begin is not always where you’ll stay.